Music or something more?Schödingers Paradox

by Näkki Valoon, September 2020

Shedding light on a dark tale of mental illness and the long road to recovery, CRYOSPHERE, releases two singles in the spring: ‘Nevermore’ and ‘I am become death’ before following up with their EP “Constellations” in June this year.

A ray of light flowing from the small cracks in life

After the release of the single ‘Nevermore’ in January, which is a song about relationship difficulties, though focusing on the parental aspect, CRYOSPHERE, now, continues with another difficult topic. The focus is now on the inner struggle, very commonly, when living with with mental illness, depression or anxiety.

The female singer, Sirene[pronounced: ‘sɪriːn’ or ‘saɪərən’], explains that she’s been drawing from personal experiences and observations for both these songs, and she shows with the expressive variations in her writing, the depth that CRYOSPHERE is all about. This band is obviously not your standard generic modern metal band. Their stories embody the wholesome person and tells tales from the modern human lifestyle of today, with all the beauty and horror that entails. Topics that may be touched upon are shown from various perspectives, with a wide range: Greed, narcisism, mental vulnerability, love, relationships, violence, friends, feelings of lonliness and despair or asking the question: What is evil? Even though, the topics may be dark in nature the lyrics always tend to hold a sliver of light in the dark. As if the door leading out of hell, is cracked slightly open and a ray of light shines in through it. This hope is often embodied by Sirene, herself, with her serene and borderline angelic vocals in hard contrast to the violent nature of contorted screams, delivered by Sirene’s male counterpart and CRYOSPHERE’s other vocalist, Anders.

This sharp contrasting in the vocals are echoed throughout their music: All the way from the melodic lead guitar, which is often accompanied by symphonic orchestration, right through the bowels of the rythm section, to finally be closed off by the heavyness of electronic synth sounds, make this band stand out from the vast and bland crowd of todays generic metalcore scene. CRYOSPHERE is in its nature organic and evolving, determined to endure life despite the harshness of the envionment. That journey we are all on throughout our lives, is echoed and forced out through the music. Our own struggles and the fears within us, underline with grace, the uncategorical sounds of this band. The music contains, in essence, everything and nothing at the same time. It leaves you with answers and a sense of companionship, but at the same time it raises more questions that we don’t have the answer to. This is truely something unique, only comparable to some beautifully grotesque version of Schrödinger’s paradox.

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